Health Insurance

stethascope_420x315At Choice One we know how difficult the current health insurance climate is.

Not everybody may understand the Affordable Health Care Act, and it can be confusing to know if your doctor visits, prescriptions, medical testing, specialized care, surgical procedures, outpatient visits, and more are covered.

To help you understand the Affordable Health Care Act a little easier, please see the below video:



We want you to have the health care coverage you need, which is why we can help you with with indemnity plans, basic and essential health plans, high deductible health plans (HDHP), cafeteria and flexible spending plans, health savings accounts (HSA), managed care plans, HMOs, PPOs, and more.

We can also help you with your Medicare and long-term care needs.

Don’t feel like you have to navigate these hectic waters all on your own – come see us for for a health insurance quote and we’ll make sure you have the coverage you need.